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We strive to provide the best CHECK EMAIL & LOG in the world. Delivering a good user experience means a lot to us.

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Features that make this product a hit

Fast & optimized

Get fast, fully optimized and easy to add check & log email for your web pages.

Test Email Sending

You can test that email sending is working or not.

Viewing logged Emails

They can be viewed from the admin interface, as they are stored in a separate table.

Deleting logged Email

You can either delete them in bulk or selectively – by date, email, or subject

Change the Mail from email

“Mail from name” and override default email WordPress addresses.

Help & Support

Get regular updates and support for this plugin through our experienced support team.

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Development RoadMap

We are Actively developing this plugin to make it #1 in the world. Our aim is to make it bug-free and adding exciting features. We will be pushing the updates every other week to make sure that it's stable and rock-solid!

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