Check & Log Email Version 1.0.13 Released

Release Date: June 25th 2024

Here is the changelog

  • Feature: Added Log Retention Period #69
  • Feature: Added Print the email log, or save it as a PDF #70
  • Feature: Log Attachments Sent From WordPress #71
  • Feature: Added Display Host IP option #72
  • Feature: Trigger Data UI/UX Changes #74
  • Enhancement: View loggging should be on enabled by default #76
  • Feature: More Fields #77
  • Feature: Apply status filter in log list #78
  • Feature: Added Resend email feature #81
  • Feature: Added Easy migration from other email log plugins #80
  • Enhancement: Search should be searched from whole email, including the email content #82
  • Feature: Added Forward Email #83

Do upgrade and let us know your feedback.

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